24 Hour Dental Near You

Stop searching the Internet for the phrase “a 24 hour dentist near me.” Instead, give us a call at Emergency Dental Squad without hesitation. Our dental practice is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take care of all your most pressing and stressful tooth-related emergencies, no exaggeration.

It can be a nightmare to have no choice but to tolerate an excruciating toothache while anticipating regular business hours. Thankfully, our 24-7 office is on hand to save you from immense pain, discomfort, and anxiety in general.

emergency dental near me

Typical Dental Emergencies

People experience all kinds of unpleasant dental emergencies. You may have knocked a front tooth out of your mouth during a particularly energetic workout. You may have cracked a tooth. You may have severe pain due to ignoring dealing with a cavity for too long. Other dental emergency possibilities include but are not limited to lost fillings, abscesses, oral surgery complications, dental implant issues, broken dentures, missing crowns, orthodontic woes, and bare cavities. Our 24-hour dentists can help you handle all these emergencies and beyond. They can even handle pediatric tooth emergencies for the younger crowd.

Remember, no dental emergency is too much for our hard-working 24-7 staff. It truly doesn’t matter what time you call us. We’re always ready for you. You should always contact us to make an appointment for our efficient emergency care. If you contact us quickly, we can help you feel better.

F.A.Q.: Our Skilled Dental Powerhouses Respond to Your Biggest Questions

Do you have an emergency dentist near me who can help me immediately?

We most certainly do.

Will you take my insurance for emergency dental treatment?

Contact us if you want to confirm whether we take Medicaid or your specific dental insurance. Fortunately for our patients, Emergency Dental Squad accepts a broad range of dental insurance plans.

Why is making an appointment for 24-hour dental care necessary?

Allowing dental problems to spiral out of control isn’t optimal. If you schedule emergency dental treatment, you can nip all kinds of issues in the bud. Because our emergency treatment can also potentially reduce your dental expenses when all is said and done. ‘Toughing it out’ until you can see a dentist during regular business hours is often a recipe for disaster.

Note that our emergency care can also spare you unnecessary pain, discomfort, and misery. Toothaches aren’t a joke. Sore or bleeding gums aren’t, either. Our prompt treatment can get you back to feeling A+ again — just like you deserve.

Can I make an appointment with a 24-hour dentist available on Sundays?

We’re being truthful when we say that we provide 24-hour emergency dental care at all times, and Sunday is certainly no exception to that rule. Our 24-hour service is open and available to patients on Sundays, Saturdays, and even holidays. Our after-hour care always continues.

Do you offer emergency tooth extraction?

Contact us A.S.A.P. if you even suspect needing an emergency tooth extraction. You should always avoid possibly delaying tooth extraction. Delaying it may considerably increase your pain, discomfort, and problems. Why in the world subject yourself to that?

Our primary goal is to respond to your dental concerns transparently and clearly. If you want further information about possible signs of dental emergencies, do not think twice about dropping our knowledgeable and caring staff a line. We strive to put our patients’ minds at ease. You can contact our staff at any hour of the night or day to learn more about our in-depth menu of services and treatments.

Set Up an Appointment With Emergency Dental Squad at Any Time

Are you battling it out against a horrible toothache in the middle of the night on a Thursday? Did a facial injury knock out one of your precious front teeth? Relax. The 24-hour dentists here at Emergency Dental Squad are accessible to provide efficient treatment that can get you back on track in practically no time. Contact us anytime for further information or to schedule an appointment for our dependable 24-hour service. We cannot wait to help you and your smile.

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