Accessible Emergency Dentist – Minneapolis

Any form of oral pain is an obvious sign of a possible dental emergency. When you feel sudden dental pain or spot minor bleeding, do not wait; call our dental clinic for a quick appointment.

We have licensed and experienced emergency dentists in Minneapolis, equipped and ready to address your dental emergency. Whether it’s a minor broken tooth issue or a complicated root canal infection, our Minneapolis dentist can provide you with the needed treatment.

Minneapolis Emergency DentistsDental emergencies are stressful and costly. But with our accessible and highly recommended team of emergency dentists, you are assured of immediate relief and reasonable fees.

Emergency dental care is not something you should delay. Regardless of whether it is simple tooth decay, loose dental crown, or life-threatening dental injury, our dental office is open for you and thousands of patients in the twin cities.

We are open even after hours!

For Immediate Assistance Please Call (855) 907-3090

We Offer Prompt Emergency Dentistry Services and More.

Emergency Dental Squad is the go-to dental partner in Minneapolis.

Our emergency dental care professionals are known to provide the best emergency dental work in the area. We specialize in dental emergencies and everything that can help you keep excellent oral health and flash that beautiful smile.

Aside from addressing common dental emergencies such as severe pain, mouth infection, gum swelling, and a knocked-out tooth, we also provide teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services.

Patients can call us for the following:

  • General Dentistry Services;
  • Cosmetic Dentistry;
  • Children Dentistry;
  • Orthodontics;
  • Restorative Services¬†
  • Urgent Dental Care Services¬†

If you are dealing with other health issues aside from the ones impacting your gums and teeth, we suggest you see your medical doctor first and get them resolved.

Our emergency dentist will happily set an appointment with you to determine what is causing the intense pain and discomfort. Rest assured that our experts will answer all your queries and explain all the symptoms so you can identify a potential dental emergency moving forward.

Why Call Us for Emergency Dental Care?

Surely, there are tons of dental companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But why look for one when you can call us whenever you encounter infections, dental accidents, broken teeth, and more?

Certified and Highly Trained Emergency Dentist

It is not okay to just settle with any available dentist. When resolving issues concerning your oral health, it is highly recommended that you schedule an emergency appointment with a licensed and skilled dentist in twin cities.

Patients need not to look further. We have a professional and experienced team of oral experts to address minor toothache and even perform complex oral surgery.

Proven & Tested Emergency Treatment

Our previous patients can vouch for how keen we are when it comes to the treatment we provide. Our team of skilled dentists never settles with warm water rinse, cold compress, or over-the-counter medications to address a dental emergency.

You and all other patients can expect us to fail-proof dental care services.

24 Hour Coverage & Same Day Appointment

Knowing that any patient may need us at any time of the day, we made sure that our services are accessible during and after normal business hours. A new or an old patient can contact our office, set a dentist appointment, and get treated the same day.

You can also visit our clinic during holidays. We are open 24 hours a day, all days of the week.

Affordable Dental Fees and Flexible Payment Options

We offer reasonable services. Tooth extraction, toothache treatment, and filling restoration will surely cost you some extra dollars, but why drain your pockets when you can contact us for affordable dental services?

On top of that, our dental practice offers flexible payment options. You can set a same-day appointment with our emergency dentist and pay us in cash, via credit card, or via insurance.

Looking for a reliable dental practice in Minneapolis? Call Emergency Dental Squad today!

Your oral health is as important as your general well-being. So whenever you deal with a dental emergency, it is best that you partner with someone who can provide you with same-day treatment.

You or any of your family members can call us and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist. Our experts will be happy to treat your knocked-out tooth, dental injury, mouth infection, and more.

Skip the local emergency room whenever you need solutions to your dragging tooth problem. Our clinic is open even after the normal hours, so feel free to contact us when dental problems happen.

Call us today!

For Immediate Assistance Please Call (855) 907-3090