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Are you dealing with a chipped or broken tooth? Are you suffering from severe pain because of a serious infection? There is no need to delay solutions and suffer in silence because of that inconvenient dental emergency. Call Emergency Dental Squad and speak to one of our Cincinnati dentists for quick and quality treatment.

Emergency Dental Squad is the #1 go-to company in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are known to provide quality, quick, and accessible emergency dental services. From minor broken tooth oral pain to serious and excessive bleeding, you can always count on us for immediate assistance.

Our experienced team is capable and equipped to provide professional care. They will check on your impacted permanent tooth, look for possible swelling, and treat infection to prevent further damage.

Our clinic is open to new and old patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So why risk your oral health when you can call us for same-day professional attention?

Do not let your throbbing toothache be left untreated. Give us a call as soon as possible.

For Immediate Assistance Please Call (855) 907-3090

Why Call Our Emergency Dentist – Cincinnati?

picture of our 24 hour dentist in CincinnatiNot everyone can identify a possible dental emergency. Sometimes, patients head to the nearest emergency room to have their cracked tooth, severe toothache, chipped tooth, or root canal infection treated. But this should not be the case.

Dental emergencies like a knocked-out tooth, swelling, tooth sensitivity, mouth bleeding, or a missing tooth filling require the expertise of a Cincinnati emergency dentist. The local emergency room might not have the tools and resources to treat common dental emergencies, and residents on duty are not certified to provide dental services. This is why you need us for quality dental care.

And if you are still not sure why you should give us a call, below are some of the main reasons why thousands of patients call us for help.

Skilled and Certified Emergency Dentists

Oral health is a very intricate field to handle, and if you do not have the proper training, you might end up causing more damage. Can a cold compress or warm water rinse suffice? Trust me, home remedies will never last.

Our dentists are the best when it comes to emergency dental care services. They can handle a simple extraction to the most complicated dental procedure. Unlike the local emergency room, we do not settle with a cold compress or over-the-counter medications to manage excruciating tooth pain.

New patients can expect us to run thorough tests, suggest X-rays if needed, and provide appropriate treatment to address a current dental issue and prevent future dental emergencies.

For Immediate Assistance Please Call (855) 907-3090

We Cater Same Day and Scheduled Appointments.

A dental emergency strikes at the most inconvenient time; thus, you need someone who is available round the clock – that’s us. Our emergency dental care professionals are always ready to give you a hand whenever dental emergencies occur.

Having someone to call as soon as possible is the best way to save valuable time. Our dentists are known for their rapid response and fail-proof treatment for bleeding gums, painful mouth sores, broken teeth, root canal infections (including the tissue attached), and other dental emergencies.

Call our dental office for a same-day appointment. If you prefer to have one scheduled at your most convenient time, we have no problem with that.

We Specialize in Emergency Dentistry and more…

Our emergency dentists in Cincinnati, OH, are trained not only for emergency dentistry alone but also for all your oral care needs. Whether you need teeth whitening services, procedures for bleeding and infected gums, or cosmetic dental services, call our Cincinnati dentist for assistance.

We will help you address a dental emergency and provide advice so you keep good oral hygiene moving forward.

Aside from the above list, there are more than enough reasons why you should call our dentist for your dental emergency. The fact that we go beyond cold compresses or warm water rinses is one valid reason why you should trust us to take care of your teeth and gums.

Looking for top-rated Emergency Dental Care? Call our Dental Practice today!

Feeling exhausted because of a painful toothache? Don’t wait; call the Emergency Dental Squad as soon as possible.

Our dentist on duty will ensure that a thorough examination is done when you arrive on site. If there’s bleeding, we will help you apply pressure on the affected area for temporary relief while you wait for our dentist.

No broken tooth, root canal problem, or any form of oral pain should be ignored. A warm water rinse can help, but for a permanent solution, we suggest you give us a call ASAP.

Your teeth and gums deserve the highest form of service, and we can provide that.

Do not let a loose tooth filling or knocked-out tooth ruin your everyday routine. Find quick and effective relief with the Emergency Dental Squad.

Call us and let our professionals in Cincinnati, OH, take care of that impacted tooth or set of teeth and prevent dental emergencies from escalating.

We’ll do everything to bring that beautiful smile back!

We are supporters of the NDA.

For Immediate Assistance Please Call (855) 907-3090